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I work collaboratively with the client in order to facilitate the work. I bring my training, experience and expertise in the field, but you set the pace in the sessions. This is your time and space to use in the best way you see fit.


Starting therapy can feel like a big decision due to the commitment it entails. You are very welcome to call me for a brief chat, or use the contact form, before booking your first session.

Examples of areas I work with



Work related problems        Infidelity    

Eating disorders        Psychosexual issues            





Bereavement & Loss 

How does it work?

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The strength of individual therapy lies in the relational approach to the client. Furthermore, it is about being aware of all levels of communication be it verbal or non-verbal, explicit or implicit, conscious or unconscious. I believe it is vital to meet each individual where they are in life in order to provide a containing environment and enable them to transfer the insight gained in therapy in to the real world and their life.


Confidentiality is crucial in therapy. Your personal information is kept secure and I will not discuss you or the contents of our sessions with anyone. Please note that I do not write reports, nor do I communicate to third parties on your behalf.


Sessions are held weekly on a set time and day and will typically last 50 minutes. In the first session, we discuss your reason for coming to therapy, talk about if and how I can help and if I am the right counsellor for you.


My standard fee is £65 per 50-minute session for individual counselling and £90 for couples. 


I am a registered member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and British Psychological Society (BPS) and adhere to their ethical guidelines. In addition, I am listed in the Counselling Directory.

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Call to book, to enquire or to leave a voicemail on  

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